The Financial
Technical Analysts' Society of Southern Africa
(Established 1994)

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TASSA offers webinar presentations or presentation meetings most months of the year. Presenters at meetings are usually professional technical analysts, successful traders and investors who talk on the use of technical analysis methods, systems, products, Intermarket indicators and managing behavioural aspects that impact on trading and investment decisions.

We are pleased to invite you to
the next TASSA presentation

Date: Wednesday 31st January, 2018.
Time: 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm local time
at Thomson Reuters at The Chelsea Building, 4th Floor, 138 West Street, SANDTON. Please register at reception on arrival.

Speaker/s: Costa Perdikis, Technical Analyst at Lefika Securities, Peet Serfontein, Technical Analyst at Phoenix Investment Analytics; Chris Hart, CEO of Impact Investment Africa.
Top-Down Overview of World Markets in Charts | Trade Ideas - and Beyond | Good Cops, Bad Cops - Politics, Economics, Strategy - Investing in SA and the World in 2018.

Dear TASSA Members and Invitees,

TASSA and Thomson Reuters, Johannesburg (sponsoring the venue) are pleased to invite TASSA members and guests to attend a live presentation at the offices of Thomson Reuters at The Chelsea Building, 4th Floor, 138 West Street, Sandton: 

On Wednesday, 31st August, 2018. At 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm.

[Please RSVP – see below]. 


COSTA PERDIKIS: Costa was educated at St Johns College and Rhodes University. He went on to study stockbroking. He has more than 20- years' experience in the markets as dealing desk professional, stockbroker, trader, investor and analyst. For several years he has been among the most highly rated financial technical analysts. He is currently Technical Analyst at Lefika Securities and is the No.3 rated analyst in the 2017 Financial Mail Top Analyst ratings. He is Vice Chairman of TASSA.

His topic: "Top- Down Overview of Global Markets in Charts.   

In his presentation Costa will look at some of the early tactical rotations taking place and at some of the dominant trends in the markets – 

  • Dollar Weakness 
  • Europe & EUR/USD 
  • Rising inflation in the US
  • US Long bond yields moving higher, bond prices moving lower
  • The early beginnings of a potential commodity rally
  • Energy sector & precious metals..........looking at Gold & Silver.
  • Developed & Emerging Markets overview
  • JSE sector overview
  • Best trade ideas... global and JSE.


PEET SERFONTEIN, BComm. (Hons.) Investment Management: Peet has a broad range of institutional experience, spanning more than 20 years, also developing and applying various investment and trading systems for bonds, equities and futures. Peet was rated No.1 for the fourth consecutive year in the Technical Analysis category in The Financial Mail Top Analyst Annual Awards in 2017. Peet specialises in analysing assets (investments), based on a systematic, disciplined approach, using technical and quantitative methods to determine the optimal entry and exit points in any given investment. Peet is Technical Analyst at Phoenix Investment Analytics, an investment research and market strategy boutique firm, catering for investors and corporates in the financial markets. Peet serves on the board of TASSA.

His topic: "Trade Ideas – and Beyond.”  

  • Using time exits in the management of money and risk (short educational part)
  • CryptoCurrencies – must I get involved or not?
  • Thematic investing – trade ideas 


CHRIS HART, educated at Witwatersrand University, Chris has extensive experience as investment strategist, economic analyst and investment manager – having held senior positions at Absa Corporate and Merchant Bank, Investment Solutions and Standard Bank.  He has presented papers at a number of conferences in SA – as well as internationally. He is one of the country’s leading commentators on financial markets and economic matters. In 2014, Hart co-authored a book: “Half Way There.” (published by COSA Media). The book examines the five BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and their relationships with one another and the rest of the world, as well as SA's role in BRICS. He is currently CEO of Impact Investment Africa, pension and project capital specialists in Southern Africa. Chris serves on the board of TASSA.  

His presentation topic: “Good Cops, Bad Cops. Politics, Economics, Strategy - Investing in SA and the World in 2018.” 

We look forward to Chris’s comment as policial and economic factors impact the markets.    


We thank Thomson Reuters, Johannesburg for hosting and sponsoring TASSA with venue facilities.  We acknowledge the company’s ongoing and leading contribution to educating and informing financial professionals, all over the world.   


TASSA is a non- profit organisation which was established in 1994 – an association that promotes knowledge, skill and professionalism in the use and application of financial technical analysis, as an investment and trading decision support tool.

Technical insights can assist investors how and when to use “fundamentals”.  Contrary to some beliefs, technicals are primarily a short-term trading tool. Investment industry professionals and private investors are discovering the power of Financial Technical Analysis to add to short and long term returns and risk performance. Technicals alone or used in conjunction with economic research, cycles, quant methods and fundamentals - can be a vital strategy tool – enabling an edge in selection, allocation, timing and risk management. Relativity of prices to other information is a powerful analytical and decision-making tool. TASSA endeavours to contribute to the investment industry.

TASSA holds presentation meetings or webinars most months. Presenters are typically investment or trader professionals who introduce financial technical analysis methods, systems and research platforms in the context of promoting better trading and investing.  There are also presentations on market opportunities and risks, economic trends that impact investing, trader tools, electronic trading and measuring behavioural aspects related to trading and investment decisions.

APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP OF TASSA if you want to attend TASSA’s presentation meetings and the IFTA webinar programme.  You are welcome to come to a presentation meeting and introduce yourself, or write to us at and apply for membership.  Get to meet and learn from other investors, traders and analysts. 

TASSA annual membership costs R375, which includes annual dues to IFTA. Members attend presentation meetings at a reduced rate. Some of our webinars may be charged for.

Membership of TASSA does not confer or imply professional or qualification status, nor does membership of TASSA of itself imply any recognition of particular competence of the member in the use and application of Financial Technical Analysis.

TASSA can provide pointers to courses and to the process of obtaining the CFTe and MFTA Financial Technical Analysis professional qualifications.

TASSA is a member of The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). TASSA members are entitled to write the CFTe and or MFTA examinations in South Africa and earn the qualifications. South African financial institutions increasingly require qualified financial technical analysts to support their investment, trading and research teams.    


Kindly RSVP to with “TASSA MEETING RSVP” in the subject heading by no later than midday on Wednesday 31st January, 2018.  Please supply your name, email and telephone details, your car make and registration number. This will assist with security.  Parking is available but only to those who have notified TASSA in advance, accepting the RSVP. 

After parking, proceed to the downstairs pause area of the venue at Thomson Reuters at The Chelsea Building, 138 West Street, SANDTON. Then go to the 4th Floor.  Please sign in at reception on arrival. You will be met by TASSA and staff from Thomson Reuters. Complimentray tea, coffee, and bottled water will be offered to guests.  


We ask members to pay their usual donation at this event and that non-members pay a R100 donation.  Members are welcome to invite their friends, clients, colleagues and potential members.

Kindly pay at the door. If you prefer, please make payment by direct deposit to TASSA, Nedbank, Account Number 1920091491, Branch Number 192005 - and bring a copy of the payment advice with you to the meeting. TASSA will not be able to accept credit cards.

We look forward to seeing you on 31st January, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. for 6:30 p.m.   


Yours sincerely,

Victor Hugo

Chairman, TASSA , “Olive House,” Woodmead, SANDTON 2191. SOUTH AFRICA

Tel.  0861 888 987

International: Tel +27 28 312 1735  


TASSA Board: C. Hart, V. Hugo, D. Joubert, H. Lindeque, C. Perdikis, R. Scholten, P. Serfontein, P. Steyn, M. Williams.

The Financial Technical Analysts Society of Southern Africa (“TASSA”)  is a non-profit association of members.  An educational and knowledge resource for Financial Technical Analysis in Southern Africa. 

A Member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts. [ see ].



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